Spanish style arcade joystick

Spanish style arcade joystick

  • Price 2~2.5USD
  • Bat top color red/black
  • Micro switch 4 micro switch
  • Operation 8 way gated
  • Product Details


Spanish Style Joystick in durable designs for long mechanical life time requirements. It is the best heavy duty joystick available in China which used wildly in arcade machine.

It is made of high density plastic with durable construction. Standard industrial mounting holes we are sure it will fit into the wooden and metal control panels. 

4 pieces durable micro switches are included, gives the joystick fast and flexible response.


-rugged construction

-8 way gated

-with 4 high quality microswitch

-smooth spring return to center
-bat top color: Black/Red 

Welcome to order a sample to check the quality first

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