• Brand Name Leon amusement
  • Dimension(W*D*H) W800*W898*H2160mm
  • Voltage 110/220V
  • Power 300W
  • Weight 250KG
  • Tags amusement game machine, coin-operated game machine, prize machine
  • Price
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Large coin-operated game machines, high quality coin-operated doors and money box doors.

Suitable for outdoor or indoor all kinds of game hall. Iron box shape, not easy to damage.

Use flexible joysticks and delicate buttons to help get gifts.

How to play:

Put in the corresponding coin, move the joystick to the top of the item,

press the button, the claw will automatically grab the item.

Claw Machine Wholesale

Avail the Ultimate Factors of Using Claw Machine Wholesale

A claw machine is said to be the major part of the reciprocating engine. It mainly consists of the moving metal machine with the claw machine to gain the air-tight seal when installed around the engine machine. Here, that claw machine will get attached through the claw machine pin to the connecting rod, and it will connect to the crankshaft effectively.

In claw machine wholesale, the compression, intake, exhaust and combustion process will occur over the machine head. Then it will force the claw machine to move up and down without issues around the machine. There it will cause the crankshaft to experience the turn. 

Various factors of claw machine :

The claw machine must be hardwearing for lightweight and longevity to enhance efficiency extraordinarily. Finally, the claw machines have been made with the help of aluminium alloy, whereas the claw machine is made of steel or cast iron.

It comprises top to bottom, a wiper ring, an oil ring, and a compression ring. In this process, the oil ring can completely wipe the oil from the machine wall when the claw machine is moving. 

Top-notch impacts of claw machine:

In this effective process, the internal combustion engines can operate with the help of a single machine and hence one claw machine or more. But most automobiles will always have around six or four machines.

During this time, the radial engines will be effectively utilized in the propeller-driven planes and have several claw machines and smooth operation without any issues.

The claw machine was also featured in external combustion engines, known as steam engines. Here the water will be heated in the boiler, and the resulting steam is utilized to drive the claw machine pairs, typically in the external machines. Through this process, the wheels can be driven.


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