5 Reasons to Buy a Used Claw Machine

Purchasing used claw machines can save 30-50% on costs, offering a budget-friendly option with diverse features and quicker ROI.

Cost Savings

The biggest advantage is that you can buy used claw machines at a much better price. To buy a new set of machines, you will need to spend anywhere from $3,000 to over $10,000, depending on what you are looking for and which brand. By buying a used machine, you can save 30-50% of the price of a new machine. This will allow you to invest in other areas of your business, such as marketing or improving your location.

Lower initial investment

It provides you with a lower cost of entry into the arcade business, which will allow you to open new stores or expand your current setup without risking too much of your own money. Different claw machine manufacturers have different prices than Elaut (from personal experience, Elaut is more expensive than the average manufacturer), so a new claw machine may cost $5000, while a used claw machine may cost $2500 or less. Great for small businesses and startups!!!

Faster return on investment

The return on investment is faster when the IPLSR = upfront cost of the traveler is lower. But for example, if a claw machine makes $200 per week, a used machine worth $2,500 will pay for itself in about 12.5 weeks, while a new machine might take 25 weeks to pay for itself.

Reduced Depreciation

As for new machines, they experience a sharp drop in value in the first year. Buying a used machine means you will take the biggest hit from depreciation. Due to the rate of depreciation, a new device can lose up to 20-30% of its value in the first year. Using such a machine can result in a first loss, and we all know that first losses are the worst.

Negotiable Prices

If you buy used, you may be able to negotiate more and get a better price. Private sellers and small dealers are often more flexible than large retailers. Being flexible can save you more and give you some of the best prices.

Financial Flexibility

The money you save from buying used items can be reinvested into your business. This means investing more in the aesthetics of your gaming machines, spending more on marketing campaigns, or buying more machines, ultimately leading to financial stability and growth.


When it comes to used claw machines, surprisingly, there are a lot of options on the market to choose from, offering a few different options that are suitable for certain business needs. The following section will further elaborate on why there are so many reasons to buy used machines.

Diverse Inventory

The used claw machine market is very diverse, with everything from antique models to modern models with the latest features, there is something for everyone. Machines of different themes, sizes, and features exist, and you can choose the one that is right for you. Small arcades may be suitable for slim machines, but large arcades can benefit from full-sized multi-game cabinets.

Faster Access

New claw machines usually require longer lead times because they have to be manufactured, shipped, etc. Used machines can usually be purchased and delivered immediately compared to new machines. According to a survey of arcade sellers, it takes up to 4-6 weeks to purchase a new machine, and the gloves can be put on in as little as a week at the latest.

Local Availability

New claw machines for sale are usually shipped locally New claw machines are cool, but the biggest problem is that they are usually not available for local delivery. In addition, your local availability can also guarantee that the machine meets your standards through an actual physical inspection before purchasing. You can usually find local claw machines through classified local auctions or game expos.

Getting Rare Models

The used market can be a gold mine for rare and discontinued vehicles. Fans and collectors will also sell discontinued machines, which can really set your arcade machine apart. For example, if you find a legendary machine from the 90s and make it the main product of your business, you might attract the attention of some nostalgic customers while setting you apart from your competitors.

Quality Checks

One of the great things about buying a used claw machine is that you can run an extensive quality check before you decide to spend your hard-earned cash. That way, you can guarantee that the machine you receive meets your company’s specifications.

Check for wear and tear

When buying a used claw machine, you can personally inspect it for any signs of damage. Check for broken gears, frayed cables, and sticking buttons. In fact, about 70% of problems are visible in a Carfax-type inspection, and you know about them ahead of time because there will be no surprises.

Test Functionality

A used machine offers the opportunity to test all functions before buying. You can check the claw mechanism, coin acceptor, prize chute, and display. Running a few test cycles ensures that the machine is running smoothly and that any faults can be identified and fixed. Sellers will often allow potential buyers to test the machine, giving them the peace of mind that everything is functioning as it should.

Maintenance Records

Most claw machines for sale offer maintenance records that document how many maintenance sessions have been performed in the past. Having access to this history is valuable, and it gives you an idea of ​​the machine’s lifespan and whether it has been properly maintained. Machines that are regularly maintained are likely to be more reliable and last longer. Request these records to get a more detailed picture of the machine’s condition.

Refurbished and Upgraded

Such machines often go through a refurbishment process before they are sold. This may involve replacing old components, restoring software, and enhancing their appearance. Refurbished machines are usually not as good as new ones, but they are always covered by the refurbisher’s warranty. Look for sellers who sell refurbished machines and they will give you the best value.

Third-Party Inspection

Have a third-party technician inspect the machine before buying. Having a professional inspect your new build can reveal hidden problems that you may not see and prevent you from making a bad choice. It’s a small investment that can protect you from possible troubles and costs in the future.

Refurbishment Options

Refurbishment Options

Buying a used claw machine gives you more options to repair and refurbish it. While these aren’t cheap, they do a great job improving the functionality, aesthetics, and longevity of the machine as a whole, so they’re well worth it.

Complete Overhaul

Many times, this means a complete rebuild of the machine. This includes replacing aging components, upgrading the software, and making sure all mechanical parts are working properly. A good example is a claw machine that has been overhauled, which has new claw mechanisms, an updated control board, and new wiring, ensuring it will function properly for a long time without breaking down.

Customization Opportunities

Customization during an overhaul is another benefit of recycling a machine for your use. You can request custom features like exterior finishes, LED lighting, card readers, or mobile payment options. This customization will draw more eyes to your claw machine, make it easier to play, and will completely enhance the customer experience.

Warranty and Support

Used machines are often sold as-is, while many refurbished machines come with a warranty – giving you peace of mind if something goes wrong. Many refurbishers offer a warranty of 6 months to a year so that any issues discovered after purchase can be taken care of immediately. You’ll also receive technical support for any repair or maintenance issues, which can save you money in the long run by keeping your machine running efficiently.

Cost-Effective Upgrades

Improvements that enhance operations can be achieved affordably through refurbishment. Improving the user experience and process efficiency can include updating the control system to a digital interface. Many of these enhancements are further discounted when you bundle them with other refurbishment features, increasing the return on your dynamic signage investment.

Improved Aesthetics

Aesthetic improvements are an integral part of the refurbishment process. And paint, new decals, and polish on a refurbished machine will make it look almost like new. This contrast makes the machine an eye-catching element that can bring in more customers, thereby increasing profitability.

Best Places to Buy

Finding the right place to buy used claw machines is essential to getting a good price and ensuring quality. Here are some of the best places to consider when buying used claw machines.

Exclusive Arcade Machine Sites

There are many sites that sell arcade machines, so Long Beach Claw Machine sells used claw machines and you can buy your own used claw machine from this site. Online sales sites such as BMI Gaming, PrimeTime Amusements, and CoinOpStore all specialize in selling arcade machines and often have a used equipment section. These pages often have detailed descriptions, a range of extended warranties, and in some cases, a thorough refurbishment service to provide you with a strong machine.


Claw machines can often be found at auctions, making them a potential gold mine of used machines that can be priced to resell at a profit. There are many online auctions and physical auction houses where you can find a variety of arcade machines. Auctions: Sites such as BidSpotter and Proxibid hold regular auctions where you can bid on used claw machines. Local auctions are also an opportunity for you to check out the machines before you bid.

Arcade and Amusement Expos

Used Claw Machines at Industry Expos and Trade Shows There’s no denying that industry expos and trade shows have a charm when it comes to finding used claw machines. Also: One way to buy arcade machines at a really good price is to head to venues like the International Amusement Expo and the International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions (IAAPA) Expo, where you’ll find many vendors selling many new and used machines. Attendees can also network with industry professionals, learn about new trends, and shop for show-only specials.

Distributors and Dealers Near You

That being said, I highly recommend contacting local arcade dealers and distributors. Most dealers accept trade-ins, and they have a large inventory of used machines to refurbish and sell. Also note that having a relationship with a local dealer can give you access to inventory and even better prices that you might not be able to find online. This can also reduce shipping costs and enable easier maintenance and local support.

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