Hurricane race

Hurricane race

  • Brand Name Leonamusement
  • Dimension(W*D*H) W760*D990*H2300mm
  • Voltage 250W
  • Power 220V
  • Weight 186KG
  • Tags Coin-operated machine,ticket machine,Capsule machine
  • Price
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Endless Fun with the Collision of Roulette, Balls, and Jackpots!
Get ready for an exhilarating game experience like no other with Spin & Score! Brace yourself for the endless fun that comes from the collision of roulette, balls, and prize

How to play

Insert coins to start the game.
Press the button to release the ball into the game area.
Watch as the ball drops into different holes, each offering unique 4.rewards. The value of the reward depends on the hole the ball lands in.
When the ball lands in the jackpot hole, the wheel starts spinning.
As the wheel approaches the jackpot position, press the button to stop wheel at the jackpot to get prize.

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