Toy crane machine complete set kit for claw arcade machine different size claw for sale

  • 2021-07-27 11:22:12
Claw machine is popular arcade machine all around the world, suitable for all locations. A crane claw machine consists of many parts such as mainboard, gantry, claw, power supply, joystick, button etc. Our crane claw machine mainboard is of good quality and has functions like “Prize every time”,  “Capsule payout” to meet requirements for all customers around the world.

Leon Amusement offers complete set kit for assembling a toy crane machine. It includes parts below. We offer 1 year warranty for our claw arcade machine, welcome to inquire.

1 x mainboard
1 x claw crane set(can be customized)
1 x LCD screen
1 x cable harness set
1 x sensor
1 x power supply
1 x illuminated button
1 x coin acceptor
1 x illuminated joystick
1 x EMI filter
1 x 4inch speaker
1 x anti-sway device
2 x power switch
1 x fuse
2 x coin counter
1 x voltmeter
2 x LED lamp
1 x 24mm push button
2 x locks with key
1 x power cable

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