3 tips for buying toy crane machine

Date of Post: Aug 17,2019

Nowadays there are a lot of crane machine manufacturer in the market and the price is very different from each supplier. What defines a good quality crane machine and what aspects should we evaluate when buying crane machine? Here are 4 tips that maybe helpful to you.

1- The material of wooden cabinet

Normally there are 2 types of wood that used for building crane machine cabinet: one is plywood and the other type is Medium density fiberboard(MDF).Plywood is resistant to cracking, breaking, shrinkage, twisting and warping. Low grade MDF may swell and break when saturated with water and may warp or expand in humid environments if not sealed. Though the price of cabinet made of MDF is lower than plywood, we should choose a plywood cabinet instead of MDF cabinet. For the thickness we should use at least 12mm or better with 15mm.

2- The crane

Crane plays a very important role in toy crane machine. There are 2 kinds of cover of the crane: plastic and stainless steel. It’s recommended to use stainless steel cover instead of plastic one. As for the gear inside, copper one is much better than a plastic one as it is more durable. Regarding the motor, remember to check with the supplier with the speed as it will affect the experience of the player.

3- Mainboard software

Nowadays a lot of suppliers claim that they develop their own software for the crane machine but the truth is that they don’t. So when you want to change or improve some functions, it will take longer than expected for the supplier to change. Choosing a supplier who develop their own software is very important during the cooperation.

These 3 tips are just the basic ones we need to check before buying a crane machine, to confirm the quality it is better to check the machine in person, to see and touch the machine in person!

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