Quotes of toy crane machines from France and Austria

Date of Post: May 26,2021
With the strong R&D capability, complete production system, dedicated after-sales service, and rich site management concept, Leon Amusement has developed a variety of toy crane machines that meet global market trends and combined with intelligence, fun and high rate of profitability. Guangzhou Leon Amusement Co., Ltd is committed to the development, production, sales of amusement game machines. Recently, we got some quotes of toy crane machines from France and Austria clients, below are the details:

1. Product: 12inch mini classic crane machine 

Quote: Hi, I would like to know the total price to order this mini claw machine including shipping coast towards France. Thank you

mini classic crane machine

2. Product: Coffee house 2 player mini crane machine 

Quote: I am Interesses in the Mini Cramer machine in pink. Is a delivery to Austria possible?

mini crane machine

3. Product: Doll park claw crane machine with good quality factory wholesale 

Quote: I'm curious as to if it's 500-600 for the machine itself? I do vending at events and I love claw machines! This would be awesome to have! 

4. Product: Toy park cheap claw machines 

Quote: How much will it cost? 

We are toy crane machine supplier and specialized in toy crane machine and arcade game machine. Our 4,000 square meter factory is staffed by a highly skilled team with over 8 years experience. Give us your requirement and our sale team will respond to your inquiry at once. Welcome to contact us for OEM, ODM service! Email: info@leonamusement.com

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