What is an upright classic arcade machine? Part-2

  • 2021-08-25 14:28:38
Difference between Upright arcade cabinet and Cocktail table arcade game

An upright arcade cabinet has a monitor very close to eye level while a cocktail table arcade game has a screen in the middle of the table. The shape is rectangular with control table at the left and right end.

The size of an upright arcade cabinet for 2 players normally is W63*D74*H175CM while a cocktail table is W97*D65874CM. An upright cabinet can fit in corners and take up a small space. A cocktail cabinets take up much more space because of its form.

Additionally, the viewing angle for upright cabinets is much more convenient than the cocktail versions. In cocktail version players must hunch over to see the monitor in the middle when playing games like ms pac man galaga arcade machine.

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